About Sallie Jo:

Sallie Jo Perraglia is an exhibited and published photographer living in New York City with her husband.  Although Sallie Jo found photography as an adult in her 30’s, she comes from an accomplished family of artisans.  Sallie Jo’s grandmother was a gifted painter, and her mother, a skillful painter and craftswoman.

Wildlife and travel are important drivers in Sallie Jo’s photography and she has traveled around the world to places like Antarctica, Arctic, Iceland, Africa, Japan and Alaska searching for images.  The experiences of having an emperor penguin chick walk within a few feet of her, being twenty feet away from a grizzly bear, or finding the flamingos finally outside again as spring comes to the Bronx Zoo after a long winter have left indelible memories and joy that she tries to capture in her photos.

From Dan Grossman in his June 13, 2011 review of Renaissance Gallery’s ‘The Next Step’:  “But perhaps the most spectacular image of all these is one that didn’t require any digital manipulation at all. Sallie Jo Perraglia’s “Peek-a-Boo” shows a flamingo with its beak hidden by a feathered wing but its eye staring out in the photographer’s general direction. This particular photograph effectively demonstrates that, even in this digitalized world, there’s still a place for straight photography.”  

One of Sallie Jo’s photographs from Antarctica was featured on the cover of the Carbon Disclosure Project 2010: S&P 500 Report.


Artist Process:

All images have been taken with a digital camera.  I firmly believe my pixels are my own to do with what I please, but with that being said I know enough about Photoshop to know I stink at it so I choose to do minimal manipulation to my photos.  I try to stick to actions I could have taken in the darkroom or with film choice.  Obviously I am a little color happy and no doubt would have gone thru truckloads of the legendary Fuji Velvia film to saturate and enhance color.



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